La Hacienda

The place where time stands still

Discover a place where rushing doesn’t exist. Where enjoying the sunsets, relaxing in the sun, cooling off in a pond overlooking the ocean or letting your eyes get lost in the Atlantic, are your tasks for the day.

A place where you can live your own adventures without having to leave, walking down to the coast, walking the trails that cross the ecological farm, discovering secret corners or being surprised by the beauty of the native vegetation, the endemic birds and fauna.

The ideal starting point to discover the island and the rich landscape and cultural wealth that surrounds us.

A place of peace and tranquillity where nature comes out to meet you.

Natural and additive-free

Proud of our land, culture, gastronomy and customs. Respectful of the environment, our nature and our architecture. Committed to the circular economy and the development of our municipality. That’s how we are at Hacienda El Terrero. Natural and without additives.

That is why our farm is ecological and in our houses luxury is measured in sea views and silence. For people who enjoy life without additives.

A journey through time

Our history

You have arrived at a place with a lot of history. A farm that has its roots in the years following the conquest of Tenerife, and which reflects the evolution of agriculture on the island.

These lands form part of the payment that the Flemish mercenary Jorge Grimón received from the adelantado D. Alonso Fernández de Lugo, for his services rendered to the Crown in the conquest of the island. This estate remained in the hands of his descendants until 2016, when it was acquired by the Pedrana Group.

In 1505, sugar cane began to be grown on these lands. Years later, when this crop was no longer competitive, it was replaced by coastal vines, which were used to produce the prized Malvasia wine. Barrels of wine were shipped from our bodega to the Bay of El Terrero to the New World and prosperous Europe, where they were highly valued.

At the end of the 19th century, the landscape changed again. El Terrero was covered with a green mantle of banana plantations, but in the middle of the 20th century, with the arrival of tourism, the plantation was abandoned, the hamlet became depopulated and began to deteriorate.

In 2016 the story of our dream come true, Hacienda El Terrero, began. An ambitious ecotourism project with which the Pedrana Group has recovered the farm to turn it into a large ecological estate, where banana trees, coastal vines and fruit trees grow again.

We have also refurbished the farmhouse to transform the simple Canarian houses, once occupied by the farm workers, into a group of cosy rural houses adapted to the comforts of the 21st century and committed to the values of sustainability and ecotourism.

Today we would like to welcome you to this little piece of paradise located in a unique enclave on the coast of Los Realejos. And we do so by recovering its connection with the past and preserving its heritage, cultural and landscape value, which make Hacienda El Terrero a unique place to enjoy the authentic Tenerife.

Wake up in front of the sea surrounded by history and nature. Choose the place where you want to be happy.

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