Discover the real Tenerife

Discover the real Tenerife

A place with history where sky and ocean meet

A Canarian hamlet overlooking the ocean

Our Hacienda overlooks the Atlantic from the cliff of El Terrero, on the coast of the municipality of Los Realejos, in the north of the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands).

An old farmhouse converted into a small rural ecotourism complex, consisting of twelve houses of different sizes and distribution, located in the middle of an ecological estate of 200,000 m2, whose history dates back to the early sixteenth century.

Hacienda El Terrero has been carefully restored to bring this treasure of the Canarian architectural heritage back to life. A place where the stones tell stories of farmers, winemakers and merchants and make us imagine what life was like on the island in times gone by.

Your refuge in the middle of nature where you can enjoy an authentic experience in a magical place, where the sky and the ocean meet.

Immerse yourself in our hamlet of cobbled streets and get ready to flow and slow down. With every step you will feel your senses awaken. You will soak your eyes in Atlantic blue, you will hear the lullaby of the waves, you will feel the saltpetre on your skin and, without realising it, you will notice it. Happiness was just this, small moments of plenitude.


Choose the place where you want to be happy.

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