We are committed to and have adopted the Coronavirus Contagion Reduction Measures for Rural Accommodation, provided by the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality (ICTE).

Customer service

  • Rural accommodation should encourage guests to cooperate in complying with prevention measures.
  • Avoid greeting guests with physical contact, including shaking hands.
  • The safety distance should be respected whenever possible.
    Wash hands thoroughly
  • Disinfectant solution should be available for use by guests.
  • Information on emergency telephone numbers and nearby health centres and hospitals should be provided in the rural accommodation itself.
  • Information about the destination, restaurants, tourist attractions, brochures, etc., should be provided as far as possible by computer and telephone. Commonly used brochures should be avoided.
  • Online pre-checking should be encouraged, as well as payment by card or other electronic means.
  • Keys should be deposited in a container with disinfectant at the end of the stay.
  • The rural accommodation will have masks to be provided to the client if requested.
  • The rural accommodation must inform the client before the booking confirmation of the conditions of service and prevention measures established, for their acceptance.


  • An increase in the frequency of cleaning and refreshing, especially in the areas of greatest contact.
  • Cleaning personnel must use appropriate personal protective equipment (mask and gloves).
  • After each cleaning, the materials used and the protective equipment used shall be disposed of in a safe manner, followed by hand washing.
  • The cleaning staff shall not enter the house while the client is inside, except for justified reasons.
  • Toilet bins must have a lid, bag and non-manual operation.
  • The decoration of the room should be kept to a minimum as far as possible.
  • Authorised disinfectants of proven efficacy must be used for cleaning.
  • After each stay, the room should be aired, towels and bed linen should be replaced.
  • A systematic approach must be defined to avoid cross-contamination, with clean linen being put in only after the room has been cleaned and disinfected.
    Soiled linen should be placed in bags before being placed on cleaning trolleys.
  • Dirty” textiles should be washed at >60°C.

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